Does your car need a bit of extra loving? Check out some of the extras we offer!


Full degrease, wash, microfibre dry, all plastic and hoses dressed
FROM $50

We often take care of the exterior and the cabin but what about the central nervous system of our car? Ensuring this is clean allows for the early identification of any problems that may arise (leaks, wear and tear on components) and reduces the risks of leaves/dirt trapping moisture in places that can cause damage over time.

Ceramic coating starting at $800 on top of correction package

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the paintwork of your car and when cured offers a protective layer. When ceramic coating is applied to the paint, it fills the microscopic imperfections in the paint. Making the top coat completely flat is key to achieving the mirror finish. Bundle this ceramic coating with a paint correction package for best results.

We have a number of products available ranging from a 12 month protection up to a 10 year protection – Talk to us today about what is best for your vehicle.


Roof & bonnet vinyl wrapping starting at $300

Looking to personalise your car a little more? talk to us about wrapping your bonnet and / or roof. Your imagination is your only limit with plenty of different types of vinyl on the market including carbon fibre, matte & chrome available in more colours that you could fathom.

Brake calliper painting starting at $250

Finish the stance of your car with painted calipers. Either match the colour of the car or choose something else to make your car stand out.

Window tinting starting at $300

Window tints reduce the amount of heat, glare and harmful UV that can enter the vehicle protecting you and your passengers. It also helps reduce the likelihood of getting sun damage on your interior plastics and vinyls.