car detailing

Car detailing is far more than just a simple wash and dry. We take the time to assess the car to evaluate what condition it is in first which dictates the tools, method and product we’ll use to achieve the best results. Car detailing begins with a thorough wash to remove as many contaminants from the paint as possible. Our foam canon is designed to spray the correct amount of soap to allow dirt and mud to be softened and lifted easily off the surface. We call this stage the snowfoam pre wash. Once complete we use the 3 bucket wash system to ensure contaminants are removed permanently from the vehicle’s surface.

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paint correction

Paint correction is a more advanced level of car detailing and requires years of experience to get right. Typically cars has been painted with a couple of coats of primer, 3-6 coats of colour and a few coats of clear. Over time and maybe incorrect car washing, paint develops swirls and light scratches. Paint correction is about removing these swirls and scratches. Another reason you may wish to consider paint correction is if your car has been sprayed and has ‘orange peel’ in the clear coat. Speak to Matt today about what he thinks is achievable for your vehicle

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Does your car need a bit of extra loving? Check out some of the extras we offer!

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