Lushous Detailing is a boutique car detailer based in Springfield, QLD. Founder Matthew McCullagh is a perfectionist and takes immense pride in his work. There is far more to car detailing than just the ‘old sponge wash and cut & polish’. It takes years of experience to know what products to use in each situation and what the current condition of the paint is in and what is the best way to restore and protect the paint.

“I have always had a passion for cars since a young kid. I’ve always enjoyed keeping my cars clean but was never satisfied by just being able to do the basics. I took what I learned from my earlier years detailing at the start of my automotive mechanical apprenticeship and spent numerous hours researching products, equipment and techniques and spent years refining my skill prior to opening my business.”

– Matthew McCullagh

As a student of the craft he has built a reputation for his paint correction work, having an eye for the finest detail. Whether its a basic detail or a full paint correction, Lushous Detailing has got you covered.